Scientist of the Week

Each week, we find out what’s on the minds and in the hearts of our scientists. Get to know what they think about science, life and the far reaches of space. Careful, you’re seeing scientists as humans, in their natural habitats and sometimes their comedic wardrobes.

Spencer Everett

    Spencer is a graduate student at UC Santa Cruz. Spencer currently splits his time between characterizing the survey … Read more »

Jessica May Hislop

    Jessie is an undergraduate student at the University of Sussex. Her research involves working on simulations of galaxy … Read more »

Deborah Gulledge

  Deborah is an undergraduate student at Austin Peay State University. For the past two and a half years, Deborah has … Read more »

Nora Shipp

        Nora is a Graduate Student at the University of Chicago searching for stellar streams in the Milky Way and … Read more »

Reese Wilkinson

      Reese is a Graduate Student at the University of Sussex. Reese describes himself as ‘a computer monkey … Read more »

Martín Rodríguez Monroy

    Martín is a Graduate Student Working in the LSS group at CIEMAT.   We asked Martín a few questions, … Read more »

Brian Yanny

    Brian is a staff scientist at Fermilab. Brian works on Milky Way halo studies (how’s the dark matter … Read more »

Gourav Khullar

        Gourav is a graduate student at the University of Chicago. He works on Galaxy Clusters and … Read more »

Stephanie Hamilton

  Stephanie is a graduate student at the University of Michigan. She uses the Dark Energy Survey to study….not dark … Read more »

Daniel Holz

    Daniel Holz is an assistant professor at the University of Chicago. He is interested in the follow-up of LIGO/Virgo … Read more »