Ashley Ross



Ashley is interested in using the positions of galaxies on the sky to probe the physical laws that describe the Universe on its largest scales. We call this the study of large-scale structure (LSS).

He is also co-convener of the DES LSS working group.





We asked Ashley a few more questions — here’s what he had to say:

Do you have any hobbies or play any sports?

I have played softball, baseball, and soccer in in county leagues the past year. Baseball is my favorite sport. I hope to visit every MLB stadium at some point.

I used to play MtG a lot and still buy a “fatpack” for every new set.

What is your favorite book, movie, and/or TV show?
A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). I would like Winds of Winter to come out already!
What do you think has been the most exciting advance in physics / astronomy in the last 10 years?
The precision with which we can test models of dark energy has improved dramatically within the last 10 years. Amazingly, the simplest mathematical description (a cosmological constant) remains well-fit by the data. Continued testing and improved data is necessary because this model still does not make sense physically!
Any advice for aspiring scientists?
Dig in when it gets hard. You belong. As long as you want to know the answer, it was meant for you to find out.