Scientist of the Week

Each week, we find out what’s on the minds and in the hearts of our scientists. Get to know what they think about science, life and the far reaches of space. Careful, you’re seeing scientists as humans, in their natural habitats and sometimes their comedic wardrobes.

Lucas Secco

Lucas Secco is a graduate student from the University of Pennsylvania and originally from Brazil. He works on several aspects … Read more »

Ting-Yun Cheng (Sunny)

Ting-Yun is a graduate student at the University of Nottingham, UK. She is interested in galaxy evolution and formation, and … Read more »

Jen Locke

Jen Locke is an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania. She works on variable stars, specifically quasars, RR Lyrae, Cepheids, … Read more »

Rich Kron

Rich Kron is the Project Director of the Dark Energy Survey. Before becoming Director in 2018, he had been Deputy … Read more »

Maria Elidaiana da Silva Pereira

Maria Elidaiana is a postdoctoral researcher at Brandeis University. She studies galaxy clusters via weak gravitational lensing. Specifically, she’s working … Read more »

Pedro Bernardinelli

Pedro Bernardinelli is a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania. He works on solar system science inside DES including … Read more »

Alexandra Amon

Alexandra Amon is a postdoc at the Kavli Institute of Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology at Stanford University and the SLAC … Read more »

Antonino Troja

Antonino Troja is a postdoctoral researcher at the ICTP-SAIFR (International Centre for Theoretical Physics at the South American Institute for … Read more »

Pablo Lemos

Pablo is a postdoctoral researcher at University College London (UCL). He is interested in cosmology both theoretical and observational. He … Read more »

Anna Porredon

Anna is a Graduate Student at the Institute of Space Sciences (IEEC-CSIC). Her research interests include cosmological parameter estimation from galaxy clustering … Read more »