Scientist of the Week

Each week, we find out what’s on the minds and in the hearts of our scientists. Get to know what they think about science, life and the far reaches of space. Careful, you’re seeing scientists as humans, in their natural habitats and sometimes their comedic wardrobes.

Anna Porredon

Anna is a Graduate Student at the Institute of Space Sciences (IEEC-CSIC). Her research interests include cosmological parameter estimation from galaxy clustering … Read more »

Devon Hollowood

        Devon is a Graduate Student from UC Santa Cruz. He wrote software for DES which performs … Read more »

Dragan Huterer

      Dragan is a Professor at the University of Michigan. He works on cosmological analysis with connection to theory.   … Read more »

Noah Weaverdyck

  Noah is a graduate student at the University of Michigan. His work has largely focused on characterizing how well we … Read more »

Tom McClintock

        Tom is a graduate student at the University of Arizona. He works on galaxy clusters and … Read more »

Erika Wagoner

        Erika is a graduate student at the University of Arizona. She is working on a project … Read more »

Jessie Muir

  Jessie is a graduate student at the University of Michigan. She works on theory and analysis for DES. In … Read more »

Anais Möller

          Anais is a Postdoc at the Australian National University. She studies Type Ia supernova cosmology, … Read more »

Phil Wiseman

        Phil is a Postdoc at the University of Southampton His research interests include host galaxies of … Read more »

Peter Brown

        Peter is a Research Scientist/Visiting Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. He has been connecting his main … Read more »