Scientist of the Week

Each week, we find out what’s on the minds and in the hearts of our scientists. Get to know what they think about science, life and the far reaches of space. Careful, you’re seeing scientists as humans, in their natural habitats and sometimes their comedic wardrobes.

Rachel Wolf

  Rachel is a member of the SN working group. She is currently working on new statistical techniques to infer … Read more »

Peter Melchior

      Peter’s main research interest is in weak lensing, especially of galaxy clusters. He led the first analysis team … Read more »

Ross Cawthon

Large-scale structure (LSS) in cosmology refers to the distribution of visible matter, dark matter, galaxies, galaxy clusters, basically everything with … Read more »

Michael Troxel

Michael co-leads the weak lensing working group of DES, which means he’s responsible for coordinating weak lensing catalog creation and … Read more »

Matthias Klein

    Matthias is interested in galaxy clusters and what we can learn from them for cosmology and physics. At … Read more »

Eric Baxter

    Eric works on several cosmology-related projects in DES. Recently, he’s been exploring ways to combine data from DES … Read more »

Mike Jarvis

    Mike is the co-coordinator of the Shear Pipeline Development and Testing subgroup and more generally an active member … Read more »

Alex Drlica-Wagner

Alex is interested is in using DES to understand the fundamental nature of dark matter. His research focuses finding and … Read more »

Chris D’Andrea

  Chris studies supernovae, both as probes of cosmology and as fascinating astrophysical events. He coordinated all the spectroscopic followup … Read more »

Antonella Palmese

Clusters of galaxies are the largest gravitationally bound structures in the universe and they carry a lot of interesting information … Read more »