Data Access

Raw Data

Raw data from the survey is public one year after the data is taken. These include the science and calibration images. 

When the Dark Energy Camera (DECam) is not in survey mode for DES, scientists from across the world are invited to apply for time. The data taken during these “community” runs is non-proprietary and becomes public immediately.

You can find all publicly available raw data at the NOAO Portal.

Reduced Data

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) processes data for DES in conjunction with data scientists at Fermilab. There is no pre-determined schedule for release of reduced data (e.g., calibrated and reduced images, star and galaxy catalogs). The survey team releases these kinds of data when possible. The data releases currently available are listed below, along with the publications associated with any value-added data.

Data from GW170817 (Neutron Star GW event)

Soares-Santos et al, Cowperthwaite et al.

The dataset used is available for those who wish to write their own follow up papers.
Data access:

Lightcurve Data: lightcurve_mrt_v4.txt
Kilonova data: kn_data_v2.tar

Use of these datasets should include citations to the Cowperthwaite et al. and Soares-Santos et al. papers.

Scolnic et al.

From the simulation paper (
SED time series that has been warped to match the photometry. It is important to note that these SEDs are not spectral data, nor are they spectral models. They are empirically warped so that synthetic photometry matches the photometric data.


Acknowledgments in Publications

When using DES data products (publications, posters, etc.), please cite the paper in which the data product was derived. Also, please add a footnote to the SVA1 release url: “”. 

In addition, please include the standard acknowledgement for the use of public DES data in the acknowledgments section of your paper.