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Five faculty members elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Five UChicago faculty members are among the 213 national and international scholars, artists, philanthropists and business leaders newly elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Profs. Joshua Frieman, Theaster Gates, Ali Hortaçsu, David Nirenberg and Michael Sells.

At This Art Exhibit, The Artists Are Also Astrophysicists

Scientists studying dark energy are amassing thousands of images of galaxies and exploding stars. Now, they’re finally getting an art show.

Planet Nine could be found by the end of the YEAR

Dark Energy Survey data is being used to identify the mysterious object ‘tugging’ on Nasa’s Cassini.

The Mystery of Dark Energy

Horizon looks at dark energy – the mysterious force that is unexpectedly causing the universe’s expansion to speed up.

Mysterious Gravitational Tug on Saturn May Help Find Planet Nine

Astronomers are homing in on the whereabouts of a hidden giant planet in our solar system, and could discover the unseen beast in roughly a year.

The Most Beautiful Sights in Space Get an Art Exhibition

Science is often visually stunning, but rarely do scientists flaunt the aesthetic qualities of their work.

Exhibit Highlights Images From Fermi’s Dark Energy Camera

A photography exhibit on display now at the Fermi Lab Art Gallery isn’t as much a mixing of art and science as much as it’s art that’s the result of science. Brian O’Keefe has the story.

Cientistas varrem céu para entender teia cósmica de energia escura

Depois da provável detecção de ondas gravitacionais, anunciadas no último mês de fevereiro, a física pode ter ficado um pouco mais completa. Por outro lado, uma estranha energia, que constitui quase 70% do Universo –e que tem por característica “anular” a gravidade– ainda permanece quase totalmente desconhecida.

Art of Darkness: The Dark Energy Survey’s art show offers a glimpse of the expanding universe

Imagine a clear night in the mountains, away from glaring city lights. In the sky, gleaming speckles from distant stars cascade into the bright streams of the Milky Way. Almost everything in sight is part of our home galaxy.

New Fermilab show features ‘amazing images of the cosmos’

A show featuring the art of the universe is now on display at Fermilab in Batavia.